Everything Happens, For Some Reason

by Jet Jaguar

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  • A set of four cassettes:
    014: Minemice - Daybreak
    015: Jet Jaguar - Everything Happens, For Some Reason
    016: Bart Graft - Green World Dream I & II
    017: Zachary Utz - High / Low
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released March 9, 2018

Just as most of our actions are not merely blind stabs in the dark, neither are the moments that align and coalesce into "The Big Moment" that is life. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR SOME REASON, Jet Jaguar's 6th studio album, is a streamlined dive into the big moment. The world is a wild and unwavering place, but for this Jet does have an answer: Do what you love, and subtle forces will shape and highlight the whole. This notion couldn't be more apparent than on the hypnotic and staggering opener, "Call" to the dub-ish noir percolating on "A Free Concert". Another corner is quickly turned & burned through the wonder of it all with the serenity of "Footstools". If anything, Jet knows each journey is personal and that each interpretation is as such. It is our approach that determines the outcome. Dreamed and realized in scenic Wellington NZ for the people, 2017. Edition of 100 red cassettes.



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